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flying insect

I have small miller like insects in my home ,what are they and what can I do to control them. Never had them before


Livingston County NY insect issues urban integrated pest management almost 4 years ago

My chicken's feathers

I have 4 chickens. Lately, some, but not all, will lose a patch of feathers on their necks. It grows back the next time they molt. What would cause this loss and how can I treat and prevent it from happening in the future.


Livingston County NY poultry almost 6 years ago

Hoping for identification

No leaves at all. Thought it was chives but each of the "bulbs" has additional growth in them.


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Livingston County NY plant identification over 3 years ago


What is this?



Livingston County NY over 2 years ago

Rock identification

Hi. I found this rock with a dark stripe that goes all the way around it without breaks. It's around 2-3" in diameter. The stripe is 1/4". Any thoughts on identification?


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Livingston County NY geology about 2 years ago

Nest in tree

There is large nest like a spider webbing hanging on a tree branch. Is this a caterpillar nest and what species?


Livingston County NY 6 months ago

one of your volunteers passed away


Livingston County NY volunteer cooperative extension over 4 years ago

Tiny flying insect

I have tiny flying insects in the house. One or two a day and they are attracted to electronic device screens. I have attached a photo for your review. Looking for ways to locate and remove them. Thanks.


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Livingston County NY 12 months ago

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