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Do Apples Absorb Toxins from Soil?

Hi - I am living in Oakland California. The apple tree in my yard produces wonderful apples. I don't know much about the quality of the soil in which the tree is planted. The area has been used for some parking over the years (probably just for the four unit building on the property) and, because the house is turn of the century, I'm sure the house and surrounding houses were painted with lead paint.

I read that the apples don't absorb the toxins and that the toxins are caught in the stems. Sound fishy to me. Any soil or fruit testing I should do, or do you think the apples are okay to eat?

Thanks so much.

Alameda County California about 4 years ago

My ten year old Chinese Pistacio tree is oozing sap through the bark and...

My ten year old Chinese Pistacio tree is oozing sap through the bark and several branches are dropping yellow leaves and look to be dying.


Alameda County California about 6 years ago

Mayan hieroglyphs

Can someone explain what these hieroglyphs are?



Alameda County California about 4 years ago

Stress amount vs size and shape

If a 3/128 sq inch SA (popsicle stick) is put to test buckling pressure, how would the pressure change if I had a 6/128 or 9/128 sq inch. How does length affect the pressure too, and how would you write an equation for it.

For a simpler example: 1 pound/2 sq inches=x pounds/4square inch
Is it proportional, is it a function?


Alameda County California almost 4 years ago

The leaves of my bean plants are being eaten from their edges inwards. I see...

The leaves of my bean plants are being eaten from their edges inwards. I see no sign of bug or blight anywhere on the leaf or its stem. I don't want to spray with anything that would make the beans inedible. I live in the Bay Area, the weather has been sunny.


Alameda County California over 6 years ago

Green flowers in Sausalito California

What type of plant is this?


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Alameda County California about 4 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

This is yet another plant I received as a gift about 2 years ago. It started as 1 or 2 stalks that were staked and grew very tall. Leaves got bigger and more yellow, at the same time, other shoots grew out that I didn't stake, so they eventually strapped over the side and the leaves stayed much smaller and more green. Once, I knocked the plant over and the tall stalks broke, and I decided to stop staking it since it seemed to do better. I would like to know what this is, and how best to care for it. Should it be a hanging plant? It's been sitting near a window (not in front of it) that gets the morning sun, but I never open the curtains. Please help?
Thanks. Paula


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Alameda County California over 4 years ago

New Leaf Brown INSIDE - Peace Lily

I noticed a brown tip on one of my leaves so I went to trim it off. Turned out to be a whole leaf growing inside one of the bigger stalks. I know new leaves grow from the bigger stems in the middle. What I pulled out was a completely brown leaf.

Was this a new leaf growing inside or am I overwatering the plant and that new leaf died before blooming?

This leaf was growing in the one leaf that has had brown spots (I had trimmed). Other than this one the plant seems happy. New leaves are coming in and it is not droopy.


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Alameda County California 12 months ago

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