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Ground cover under spruce trees

We have 60 spruce trees that are old and the original owner planted them too close together. Recently we cut the dead limbs off the bottom of the tree line. We wondered if there was a good spreading ground cover (myrtle??) that would grow in an area that has a lot of spruce needles. The area is sloped. We live in zone 4b. The soil is poor. We garden, but add a lot of top soil. This area would be too expensive to add top soil as the tree line is quite long on both sides of our home. Thank you for considering this question. I would be happy to send a picture if needed. Kindly advise. Teresa and Walt


Jefferson County New York over 4 years ago

blue spruce

we have a blue spruce that was planted 20 years ago and my husband is worried it is going to get into our water line and wants to take it down. i believe it is over the water line . we live in a city and i don't know how far down the line is. what is you opinion about removing the tree.


Jefferson County New York almost 3 years ago

Plant identification

What type of berry is this?


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Jefferson County New York about 1 year ago

I have found many spiders inside and outside of my home. The spider resembles...

I have found many spiders inside and outside of my home. The spider resembles a brown widow, but no hourglass. The color and on the abdomen is slightly different from one on a brown widow. This spider also makes a web and egg sac look exactly like a black widow. The pic I'm sending is not an exact look a like of mine. The body structure is the same. The abdomen is more like a light blackish color with whitish markings, and again no hour glass. Please help me identify it.



Jefferson County New York over 7 years ago

What is the exact identification of this plant?

I found this plant randomly growing in my backyard, at first I noticed thorns so I've let it grow to see if was a wild Rose bush. As the plant developed I'm beginning to think it's not a rose plant.



Jefferson County New York about 4 years ago

I'm 38 and never have seen this fly in my life

There was a fly drowning in my pool I saved it but I am curious to what it's called it's huge and never have seen a fly this big



Jefferson County New York about 3 years ago

Weird spots on leaf

I keep all my plants in my kitchen windows in pots that are bagged. Now my squash plant has developed these spots on a leaf and is now spreading. I have cut back the foliage that has shown sign of it. I’m now worried about trans planting into my garden. Is this cosmetic, a disease, or a fungus? Should I Just take it as a loss and throw out my other squash plants as a cautionary measure?


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Jefferson County New York over 1 year ago

Insect nest

Have never seen this before. It is the size of a base ball light brown with pinkish stripes and has a tube about 3 inches long extending downward. What tense the is it?



Jefferson County New York about 2 years ago

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