Herkimer County, New York

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growing indoor lettuce

I grow our lettuce in door in the winter-planted in old horse manure-I have little white worms all over the soil-they seem to be eating the lettuce at the root-anything I can do to kill them organically?


Herkimer County New York almost 4 years ago

Conifer tree disease

My conifer trees are dying from pine beetle i believe.My question is that the lower trunk of tree is sprouting new limbs.Does that mean they are trying to come back?Because if i have this right the inside is dead and fall and spring the new outside ring is the only live part. Thank You.


Herkimer County New York 3 months ago


Can I grow an avocado plant from an avocado pit?


Herkimer County New York about 5 years ago


This summer my Maples had 6 inch strips of bark laying on the ground around rhe base of the tree. The trees now show signs of die off of the leaves at the tops of the trees Any idea what's going on?


Herkimer County New York about 2 years ago

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