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Helping bees

What can I do to help bees in the fall and winter? I have planted many flowers that are supposed to good for pollinators, never use chemicals, and have a couple of shallow dishes with stones I keep filled with water. Is there anything else I can do? - Thank you for your help!


Fulton County New York about 2 years ago

Small walnut

My walnut tree had normal size shells but the walnuts only filled about half of the shell. Why would this happen? Also they dryer up very quickly this year. Was this due to dry weather?


Fulton County New York almost 5 years ago

How do I thin the carrots in my garden?

I love carrots from my garden. However, I never get big carrots. I am told I should "thin" them. I don't know how to do this. The green tops are just coming up & are close together. Please help. Thank you.


Fulton County New York about 5 years ago


Are Texas bluebonnets poisonous to livestock - cattle, horses, goats, etc?


Fulton County New York about 7 years ago

Plant identification please.

Can you help me identify the plant. Two files attached. Front of leaf is green with purple veins. Back of leaf is purple... Thanks in advance for your help. My email: e8rethouse@ Gmail.com. Thanks... Bill House


Img_20160725_195008_300x300%2523 Img_20160725_195123_300x300%2523

Fulton County New York about 4 years ago

Not sure what this plant is

This plant came up in my garden and grew quite large all summer with no flowers. It was almost a perfect ball shape about 2 feet across. I finally pulled it out and it is starting to grow back. Any ideas?


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Fulton County New York about 5 years ago

Rhododendron, disease or insect problem?

My large 15 yr old rhododendron suffered from the past winter, the entire top 3/4 died. It was cut, leaving only the undamaged bottom. It flowered but now all the new growth is deformed & dying as it forms.
Is this from a disease, insects and should I remove the entire plant?



Fulton County New York about 1 year ago

Soft Blueberries

My question is I have growing blueberries for a lot of years and lately at the end of the season or before the end of the season my berry start to turn soft a lot of them aren't even ready yet but they all seem to start turning soft do you know why or what is causing this.


Fulton County New York about 3 years ago

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