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Best rootstock?

Greetings! On our family farm in northern NY there is am old Wealthy apple tree. I would like to graft some scions from this tree to a rootstock. Can you recommend a good one please? Thank you!


Essex County New York over 4 years ago

What type of aster

2ft tall. Full sun. 12 petals per flower. Flowers bunch cyme style. the leaves are smooth edge not toothed



Essex County New York about 5 years ago

Bird Mites


I am living in New Jersey. I believe that I have the same problem it was described on the following website by you:
I read through your recommendations here and first I would like to thank you very much for all of that valuable information. Here is a brief description of my problem:

Recently, I have seen a lot of very tiny bugs all around my house and especially in the kitchen area. I search a lot and I believe that they are bird mites.
I follow your advice and first found the source which was a birds nest in the wall exactly behind the kitchen wall and close to the stove. Since the nest was in the height and therefore it was not accessible enough I tried to eliminate it as much as possible. In the next step, I sprayed a lot of pesticides in the area (the one that I have available but I am going to buy the one you suggested). The thing is that still, I can see a lot of them around everywhere. I would like to seek extra advice/recommendation if it possible for you. Is there anything else needs to be done.

I attached the microscope image of some of them which I captured on clear tape.
I have two infants in my home that I am really worried about them and unfortunately, I cannot afford prof insect control services, so your assistance in this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Best regards



Essex County New Jersey over 2 years ago

peach tree graft

Tree is about 4 years old, last year was first for fruit. This spring only three branches have leaves and they are small. It is standing next to another peach tree, different variety,{elberta peach} that is doing well. There is new red growth coming from the base,I cannot see a graft line, is the tree grafted and should I remove the new shoots?


Essex County New York about 2 years ago

Dead leaves and limbs

My mock orange took a turn for the worse. The leaves dried up, and now whole limbs are dead. It is a very big shrub. My favorite. I've seen this happen with other mock orange shrubs in bloomingdale. They all look ugly. Should i prune it almost to the ground?


Essex County New York about 1 month ago

dead grubs

How can you tell after putting down grub killer that it killed all the grubs?


Essex County New York over 3 years ago

Serviceberry fungus

We purchased 2 service berries this spring from nursery in vt. They quickly started looking poorly. Fruit is covered with fungus. Should I snip off all fruit and dispose of properly?
Thank you


Essex County New York about 1 year ago

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