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Vaping around plants

I question your answer. My grandson vapes both in front of and back of house. The way the vapor flows bypasses my garden. The plants that way are not thriving. It just seems a coincidence that both areas front and back where the plants are in the gardens are not doing well. I have watched how the vapor bloom blows by them.

Erie County New York about 1 month ago

What is this?

I dug up a three inch thick tree that looked dead. I planted it in our tree line. It us growing back. I think it gets white flowers in the fall. Daughter in law says its a lilac


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Erie County New York about 4 years ago

identify growth

I have a grass that is appearing throughout my lawn. would you please review to identify grass or weed


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Erie County New York over 1 year ago

Swap peppers in pickling recipes

If there's a recipe for pickled sweet (bell) peppers, can you use hot peppers instead? Asking in regards to the "Cowboy Candy" recipes that are so popular.
Use this recipe, with with jalapenos.


Erie County New York about 5 years ago

Saving a split hydrangea tree

Hello, I was wondering if this split hydrangea tree can be saved by cutting off where it split?
Thank you,


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Erie County New York about 1 month ago

Large white flowering weed

This large weed popped up quickly in our backyard. I know there are some invasive, dangerous, white flowering weeds in WNY. I am wondering if this is that species, and if not, what it is. Thank you


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Erie County New York over 2 years ago

What kind of tree?

This tree is 15 ft tall in my yard and another has begun to grow next to it. Birds love it's berries. Please identify.



Erie County New York about 4 years ago

How to divide a Gaillardia plant

HI I live in Buffalo NY and would like to know How to divide a Gaillardia plant. It is the shorter variety with Yellow and red center


Erie County New York about 2 years ago

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