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Can't adjust temp on portable a/c

Using remote and the buttons on the unit , the temp goes down, blinks and goes right back up to room temp and stays there. Compressor is not kicking in, fan is running ok.
The displayed temperature is supposed to be the set temperature, and not the room temperature. If this display returns to its pre-set reading, then it seems that it is not operating properly. 1 year old LG LP1013WNR


Dutchess County New York over 5 years ago

Hi! My black-eyed Susans have PURPLE spots and splotches on them. This is...

Hi! My black-eyed Susans have PURPLE spots and splotches on them. This is new. The flowers have been fine for two or three years. I live in the New York Hudson Valley area, and lately we've had numerous rain storms, leaving a muddy garden. I took a photo of a leaf with a snail. I don't think the snail is the problem. Thank you for your advice.



Dutchess County New York about 6 years ago

Weed Identity

Please identify type of weed and how to remove from lawn.


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Dutchess County New York 5 months ago

Japanese Red Maple

Our 26 year old Japanese red maple is not looking healthy. This spring there were a lot more dead branches throughout the tree. Here and there I find leaves with white spots but nothing overwhelming. The leaves are not shriveling or turning brown. Do you know what is wrong and what can be done?


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Dutchess County New York 4 months ago

Redness on leaves

New to growing stone fruits. I have been monitoring them super close due to learning how tricky they are to grow. Just noticed some of the leaves on my Bubble gum plum turn red on the end. Then noticed some red spots on my sunglo nectarine leaves.
I have also observed lots of clover leaves with red discoloration through out my property. One consultant suggested low boron. But my boron tests came back as 0.6-0.4 lbs/acre.

Are these things connected? Anything I can do to keep these trees alive?


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Dutchess County New York 3 months ago

Hell/Devil Strip advice

Hi- I'd like some suggestions for a low-growth, no-mow, ground cover that is dense, hardy and fast-growing enough to crowd out weeds. I'd like to plant it on a 8" strip just to the inside of my curb so it has to be salt tolerant when it snows. Also, the spot is below 4 large thirsty conifers so the plant needs to tolerate drought and acid from lots of dropped needles. I am in zone 6 and the spot gets morning shade and afternoon sun. Thanks!


Dutchess County New York about 4 years ago




Dutchess County New York over 5 years ago

Little black bugs

For over one month, I have been trying to eradicate these bugs from my bathroom. For the first 16 days, I poured the following down my sink and shower: vinegar and baking soda with salt followed by boiling water in morning 5 consecutive days, drano 3 consecutive days, bleach 1x, enzyme growth regulator( Green Gobbler fruit and drain fly killer) 5-6 consecutive days, and one time I sprayed Flying Insect Raid spray down the shower and sink drain. Also, I sprayed the outside of the fake, non-opening window with Raid. Fly count in my trap remained on a 30-40 average per day.
On approximately the 16th day, I taped up all holes I could see in my bathroom ( drains, overflow, around toilet, from radiator, around all shower faucets). The dead bug count ( found in the trap) was at 30 the first day after taping and then 6 then 8 dead flies for the next 2 consecutive days.

I untaped the openings in the bathroom after two days and sprayed gentrol down the radiator holes and around the toilet and both sink and shower drains. I retaped the drains and overflow hole in sink , but all the rest of the crevices and openings are untaped now, so I can continue to spray Gentrol and then the Hot Spot to them. Since Gentrol and untaping, I have had 20 then 13 dead flies per consecutive days. My guess is they are coming from somewhere other than the drains.
I have had a plumber ( who advised the drains in my bathroom are too clean for a snaking) and an exterminator ( who could not find the breeding place for the flies) in to explore the problem. Neither of them could help.
HELP!!! By the way... they avoid apple cider vinegar traps and go straight for dish detergent, so I put dish detergent on the sill by the window a few times a day. That is where I get my numbers from. I have gone from approximately 30-40 dead flies in the trap per day to approximately 15 dead flies in the trap per day.
PS. I also have Invade Bio Drain gel and PT565 Plus XLO , as well as Hot Spot
spray yet to apply.
PSS. I do not know where their coming from. That’s why I am treating every possible entry point. Due to The drains still being taped and treated soooo many times, and the flies are still present.


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Dutchess County New York 2 months ago

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