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husband cut off freeze burned top of conifer, what now?

Our conifers had severe frost damage to the top half, so my husband lopped them off! What do I do now to reshape them? Is there any hope they will grow back?


Delaware County New York over 4 years ago

Dairy barn floor

When pouring a floor in a new barn how much pitch can be put on it before it becomes a problem at the feed rail?


Delaware County New York almost 4 years ago

frozen hoverfly...

I assume this to be a hoverfly and was wondering why it seems stuck on this leaf. The temperature is in the low 80's. I checked in the morning and late afternoon and it's still on the same leaf.


Hoverflyweb1_300x300%2523 Hoverfly4_300x300%2523 Hoverflyback_300x300%2523

Delaware County New York about 5 years ago

Plant tissue testing

I would like to have some vegetable crops tissue tested. How do I go about getting it done?


Delaware County New York over 6 years ago

sugar snap pea plants

something is chewing the very bottom off our pea plants killing them. I'm thinking that by painting the bottom couple of inches of the stalks it will render them unsavory to whatever pest is eating them. My wife is concerned that the stalk will absorb some chemicals from the paint and poison the peas. I'm thinking that the plant receives nutrients from the roots and sun and nothing will come through the outside stalk. Please advise. the paint is of an outdoor variety and is waterproof so none will run off the stalk and into the soil.


Delaware County New York about 5 years ago

Caddisfly larvae?

I have seen these many times in the field and have wondered if it may be some type of insect...



Delaware County New York over 6 years ago

Sweet Cheery trees dying off

Hello. I have 3 sweet cherry trees I planted about 10 years ago. A Kristin, a yellow variety and a red variety I can not remember. All three died as soon as they started to bear fruit. The best growing one of the bunch was tall. leafy and during the second year of fruit bearing (5 years old), the center of the tree seemed to die off and lose leaves. By the end of September, it was dried out. I did not cut it down, and the following spring, new shoots came out of the bottom, above the graft. A lot of them. I let the three biggest ones fight it out and finally had on growing straight up I now have a 4 foot whip growing out of a 16 foot dead tree. The next one is doing the same thing, and the third, the bark cracked off the tree half way around vertically at the bottom and up 18 inches. The center is dying out and lost it's leaves toward the end of last summer. I know it's hard without seeing it, but does anyone have any ideas on this? I have a southern facing slope, heavy soil, no standing water and it is somewhat protected. The trees get full sunlight from sunrise to 2 hours before sunset. They are in Treadwell NY 13846.



Delaware County New York over 1 year ago

Inundated with Snails after Big Flood

I am in Delaware County NY [ considered Catskill Mnts]. I have been a Gardener in various states in the USA for almost 40 years now. By far, the area I am in now IS the hardest I have ever gardened. Some Zone Maps say we are 5a or 5B...but due to cold pockets, I think we are more like Zone 4.

A few years ago we got hit with a whopper of a flood-- the "FEMA Disaster Area" kind of flood. We live where there is LOTS OF WATER, as I am only 1.5 miles from the Pepacton Reservoir.

Since the flood, my property has been inundated with SNAILS! Tons of them! Mostly Black, but tan/brown ones, too. I think they "came in with the flood" from somewhere else (???)

If I have a plant they like, by morning that plant could literally have HUNDREDS of snails on it!
I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! I am losing too many plants.

How should I handle this problem [ and hopefully in an organic manner].
Someone told me to buy DUCKS.

Please help me!
Holly G.


Delaware County New York about 6 years ago

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