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cover crop

Hello, I have one small to medium sized raised bed used for growing vegetables and am thinking about giving it a rest this year.Can you recommend a good cover crop for this area/climate?


Clinton County New York over 1 year ago

How to revive overwatered pruned big leaf hydrangea


My mophead hydrangea (Cityline Rio) got seriously overwatered while I was away from my home and many leaves and blooms turned brown. It was only planted a month ago in part shade. I just trimmed off the dead leaves and some dead-seeming branches but wonder whether it will recover and bloom again. Hydrangeas are new to me... I've read that one should not prune this variety (Cityline Rio) as it blooms on old wood. I'm wondering whether there is something I can do ti help revive it or whether I should dig it up and replace it. Should I check the rootball for rot? And if there is rot should I cut away mushy roots? One other detail: after planting I had inserted a stick of slow release fertilizer a few inches away from the plant... so I wonder if the heavy watering released too much fertilizer as well. Grateful for any or all advice Photo below of plant today and a few weeks ago.... I can send others if it helps!


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Clinton County New York 2 months ago

Are citronella plants poisonous to horses?

A past student that's working overseas on a tropical island asked me this & I can't find an answer. A gardener planted some just outside the paddocks and she's wondering-
1) will they eat them- are they palatable?
2) if they do, just how toxic are they?
3) what would be the signs of poisoning by citronella?


Clinton County New York over 6 years ago

Is it ok for long term shocking of a well?

Is it ok if I shock the well to my house when I go out of town? In other words, will it be ok if I pour bleach into my well, and let it sit like that for a week or two, before I return to flush it out? Thank you.


Clinton County New York almost 5 years ago

Weeping cherry tree buds opening slowly

I have a weeping cherry tree that was planted last year. This year the buds came out, but they are opening a few at a time. Then the leaves dry up and die. I live in zone 5 and received a few frost after a warm spell. We have had nights lately down in the mid 30's. I have been watering it daily lately. Can you tell me if you think by the photos that it has a disease? Should I just be patient and wait for warmer night?


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Clinton County New York over 2 years ago

Does corn raise chicken's body tmperature?

I have been raising chickens for 6 years, and there seems to be lots of differing opinions and advice on best feeding and housing practices for poultry. One thing that's particularly a curiosity for me is the notion of whether corn raises a chicken's body temperature. I have seen advice on chicken blogs and message boards that giving corn in the winter will help the chickens keep their body temperature up. Is that true? Wouldn't extra calories of any sort help with that? Is it corn specifically? Or do all carb sources do the same thing?

Recently I saw a tip on facebook for keeping the hens cool in the summer. It suggested putting canned corn in a muffin tin, topping it off with water, then freezing it and letting the hens peck at the frozen corn cubes. There were many comments saying, "Corn raises chicken's body temperature, this is dangerous."

So, does corn really raise a chicken's body temperature, any moreso than any other source of carbohydrate or calories? Ironically, nobody had concerns about too much sodium. I am aware that there may be a concern with too much corn causing nutrient imbalance, but I haven't gotten a solid answer on the body temp issue, other than anecdotal evidence.


Clinton County New York over 4 years ago

Flower changes into another

I had a beautiful pink mallow last year that reinvented itself this year into a dark blue clematis. It had little ones and I gave one to my friend. There is another one about six feet away from the mother plant. They all became clematis. What could solve the mystery? Thank you



Clinton County New York over 1 year ago

What kind of spider is this and is it poisonous?

I found this spider in our plastic barrel a few minutes ago. I never saw one like this before. What is it? Is it poisonous?


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Clinton County New York about 4 years ago

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