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what can I plant that deer will not eat


Chenango County New York over 7 years ago

Financial help

My daughter got bed bugs from some where and now are in her room she has autism and is scared to go in her room now. I’m on a fixed income and disabled. I though I had her room done but last night I seen another one in clothes. I really need some help and can’t find anyone in my area to help me. I live in upstate New York and the county is Chenango can you please help me I have no where to go. I’m afraid that they are going to start getting into the rest of the home.


Chenango County New York almost 3 years ago

Yellow jackets

I have a bedroom that yellow jackets r getting in. I have been vilagently killing them. They keep coming, I do not know how they get in the bedroom. Will the coming winter kill them? Should i hire an expert?


Chenango County New York 12 months ago

Eleven Segmented Crawling Bug

Found this bug crawling on the garage floor. Thought I'd seen most of the bugs in our yard by this time. He didn't like to be disturbed and his head retracted like a turtle's when I poked at him. He was about 20mm long and I waited about 20 minutes before he started moving again after I moved him onto a white piece of paper to take the attached photo. Can't find anything like him on bug ID web sites.


Bugwalkingaround_300x300%2523 Bughiding_300x300%2523

Chenango County New York over 2 years ago

Wild flower ID




Chenango County New York about 4 years ago


Groundcover with purple flowers similar to ajuga. This was the only variegated one found in entire area. It grows wild and quite invasive lawn weed but curious about what it is.



Chenango County New York about 5 years ago

? Variety

Can anyone identify this apple please? Sweet, juicy, wonderful flavor and aroma. Flesh not really soft or too crisp, just very pleasant. Skin smooth, slightly waxy. I am thinking yellow transparent, but is late September in upstate NY. Found on dirt road out in the boonies.



Chenango County New York about 5 years ago

Lighweight aphids (I'm calling them) that live on my house plants.

I've tried a soapy water spray to rid my plants of these flighty crazy flying aphids, but they return when the water dries. I would like to spray them with some kind of insecticide, but can't find any in the store. They seem to like the soil in my flowerpots. I don't want to get rid of my plants, but they are getting too annoying when they fly in my face.


Chenango County New York almost 4 years ago

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