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Help with Bees

Our Church has an annual festival. It has been at the same location for the past 10 years. For the last 3 years we are having a terrible problem with bees. We think they are honey bees. We have a cake wheel, that is where the worst problem is however they are all over the grounds. We have tried EVERYTHING to no avail. We have used fans, pesticides, spices and oils. Nothing works! We even tried professional spraying. Our festival is held at the end of August and the problem is getting so bad we are losing patrons, and this is a major fund raiser for us. If you have any suggestions it would be very much appreciated! Thank you!


Chemung County New York over 3 years ago

Is this a bug bite?

I was outside during the day at a party and when I came back home I noticed two very small (very small) red puncture rooms on my inner knees. There is no itching or pain, and they're not bumpy. Just curious as to what they could be?


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Chemung County New York over 2 years ago

no apples

We own a lot in Elmira, NY with several wild, untreated apple trees. 2 months ago we saw many apples on trees. Then a few weeks ago ....nothing ...not a sign of an apple anywhere. I had heard that the extreme weather ...cold to hot Oct. will cause them to shrivel up and die. True?


Chemung County New York almost 3 years ago

Is this club moss

Found these just inside the edge of a forrest located at Marsh Dam near elmira, new york. They look like tiny pine trees, they are about 3-5 inches tall. They were growing beneeth the pine trees.


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Chemung County New York about 4 years ago

Dying tree

There is a big apple tree on the property where I hunt. Last year there were a lot of apples on the tree. The deer were feeding very heavily off the tree. There are other apple trees on the property, but had very few apples. The deer were there so often that it looked like a cow pasture. Now this year there few to almost no apples on the tree. The bottom of the tree has no leaves and branches appear to be dying. Do you know the problem and what I can do to correct it


Chemung County New York about 1 year ago

My apple tree won’t blossom

We planted an apple tree 3 years ago. First spring it was full of blossoms and tiny apples-not good enough to eat. Second and third year no blossoms! Looks healthy, full of leaves. Can’t figure out why. There are very tall pines lining our property, about 35 feet from the apple tree. Could that be causing the issue? Thank you.


Chemung County New York over 2 years ago

What is growing in my flower garden?

This year as I was planing my annuals I noticed several white leathery eggs buried in the dirt. I thought I disposed of them all but a few weeks later orange shoots were growing in and around my flowerbed. As I dug them up there were several more white eggs. The shoots have black slime on the tops and are attracting garbage flies. Any idea what this is, where it might have came from, and how I can get rid of them?


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Chemung County New York over 5 years ago

Tree fungus?

My daughter has a maple tree that looks like it has a tree fungus but I’m thinking it may be insects... I do have a picture of it. It looks awful. I check on tree fungus and it doesn’t look anything like them ... Linda Burns


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Chemung County New York over 2 years ago

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