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Why is my Amaryllis red tearing on the leaves

I am new to this plant and have been reading up on how this plant grows. I know it has red blotch and I have things that will help till I get some seeds but I can't find anything on how to stop with the tears on the leaves. There are four total and two look dried up while the others look somewhat well, if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong that would be a lot of help thanks.


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Bronx County New York over 1 year ago

Tax bite

I had to distribute close to 100k from my keogh in 2013 for pressing family reasons. What are the tax implications when I file my return before April 15,, 2014? I understand that at my age one can distribute as much as you need or choose to and pay taxes but at a lower rate if you are retired. I am 76 and receiving 20k from SS. but have not had an income in 2013 except for the above described.. I do have some accounts receivable still unpaid since my retirement on Dec 2010 and have filled disability forms for patients upon request by the government, some in 2013 which have not been paid yet. Am I considered retired, working or what? I was always self employed and you don't get a watch or a retirement certificate upon quitting either.Could I return some residual money as a Keogh contribution to the plan and claim a deduction to lower my tax burden? By the way I still have a residual amount left in my keogh. It is a money market plan not a profit sharing one, comprising only my wife,who is now divorcing me and segregated her Keogh funds from mine ( her 1/2) You just can't make this stuff up! Vietnam was a breeze


Bronx County New York almost 7 years ago


What plant is this



Bronx County New York almost 5 years ago

Please help me identify this insect

I have recently took over an apartment and got these ant looking insect crawling all over the apartment.
kitchen, bedroom, bathroom living room, everywhere!! would you please help identify it for me so I could find a solution ?!


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Bronx County New York about 3 years ago

Dwarf Weeping Willow

I have a Dwarf Weeping Willow 10&1/2 Yrs. It has honey looking(yellow orange) sap oozing from a few joints .The first joint has a lot, that branch not so long 3-4 feet in lenght .The leaves have dried up and browned or fallen, the branch itself looks healthy but what do I know. It was planted when It was builth& I bought the house. This is located in the Bronx, New York.


Bronx County New York about 4 years ago

vegetation pod

found a pod approx. 6" like a curved spade light green in color semi smooth surface about 1" or so thick broke it open found 4 overgrown lima beans (for the lack of a better description)light green shell firm white inside similar to a chestnut. any ideas


Bronx County New York about 5 years ago


My hibiscus flowers one bud at a time. It opens for one day then closes up and falls off. Is this normal?


Bronx County New York about 1 year ago

What is my plant??

Hi a friend gave me a cutting of her wild plant. I have no idea what it is and it is growing wild. I have this picture and could get another. Thanks!



Bronx County New York about 4 years ago

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