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It has vertebrae!

What plant is this?

Figured it out, Black henbane!

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Taos County New Mexico about 4 years ago

Dying aspen tree grove

We've had a small aspen tree Cluster/grove in our home and it's been healthy for a long time. Recently we've discovered babies popping up around the house. This year however, the grove trees seem to be dying. The branches grow no leaves leaves are drying up, and there's one tree in particular that's growing small leaves at the top, while the bottom is dying. There's also some spots where sap is oozing out. I didn't have enough space to insert photos, however. What's happening?

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Taos County New Mexico 5 months ago

Insect swarm blue spruce

I have a multitude of flying insects swarming around blue spruce including flies & bees since mid April 2020. Cannot identify all. Tree was planted year ago & appears healthy with new growth. Might I have aphids or other problem? What should i spray to remedy issue?

Taos County New Mexico 5 months ago

Hobo or Giant House Spider? Northern New Mexico

I have many spiders in my house which all look similar to each other yet I can not tell if they are dangerous or not. I have used many identification charts yet still can't determine if these spiders are a form of hobo spider AHS or just giant house spiders? They do not have ringed legs. Legs are solid color but darker at the jointed places. Please help! I can't get a good photo. I do not have a magnifying glass. I do have a live specimen I could mail to someone for identification.


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Taos County New Mexico about 6 years ago

Aspens, Marssonina Leaf Spot and other Fungus, Northern New Mexico HELP

I believe my 3 aspens and the new shoots just coming up may have Marssonina Leaf Spot and possibly another fungus. My local plant store told me to use Monterey Garden Phos but looking at the label
there is no mention of Aspens nor the Fungus that affects them in Taos, NM, 87571.
Is Monterey Garden Phos the right product to use? Can you give me any other recommendations for treatment?
The Aspens are about 8 years old and this year also had tent caterpillars which I think I used Bonide Eight Insect Control. The Aspens are about 50 feet from the house and adjacent to a field of Alfalfa and grasses and also many weeds. Thank you!


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Taos County New Mexico about 3 years ago

Is my dog being stalked

I live in an agricultural part of northern New Mexico. There are many coyotes in this area and they have no predators. They do prey on cats and dogs so we keep them inside at night and are cautious during the day, but I have never been worried to leave my dog in his yard while I am at work during the day until now.

Lately when I walk my dog early in the morning we have encountered a lone coyote in the horse fields in a valley close to our home. He is on the other side of a fence, but seems to be waiting for us (I could be wrong). I don't want this coyote to think I am afraid of him, and I don't want my dog to be his meal, so I have stood my ground and stared him down until he leaves, but twice he hasn't left and one time he moved toward us. This morning a horse that was standing nearby appeared to become frightened, even though neither of us moved, and he galloped away. My dog ran with the horse (on my side of the fence). The coyote walked away. However as the coyote walked away he kept his eye on us and walked parallel to us most of the way as we returned home, even though he was probably about a football field away on the other side of the field. When we stopped, he stopped. He stared at me - I stared back. Eventually there were some bushes in the way and he disappeared.

I am afraid that he is stalking my dog. Now I am afraid to leave my dog alone in the yard during the day. I don't know what to do. There are many coyotes around here, One day I counted 6 on my morning walk. At night I hear 3 different packs on 3 sides of our property..

I've heard that coyotes can scale fences 6' high he has a wire fence so he can see out. I leave my dog in it from 8-5:30/6 while I'm at work. My dog is a Dalmatian mix. Not aggressive and very playful. What can I do to protect him?
Any suggestions?


Taos County New Mexico almost 4 years ago

Should I allow sprouts to grow very close to the mother tree?

I have sprouts growing very close to the mother tree and am wondering if I can just let them be? Or need to remove?


Taos County New Mexico 3 months ago

Why won’t my Red Bud get a trunk?

I live in northern NM. I’ve had this western red bud for 5 years. I mulch it well in the winter. It will develop a few flowers in the spring but still doesn’t have a single trunk. It gets new branches and beautiful, healthy leaves towards the bottom/ground every year. I have a clematis that is happy to use the dead branches this year as a trellis. Why isn’t it growing into a tree?


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Taos County New Mexico over 1 year ago

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