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Rainwater Harvesting

Do you have information on a wet cistern installation, and how should I install it in a freezing climate?


Santa Fe County New Mexico over 7 years ago

Correlation of weight gain from insecticide?

I had debilitating insecticide poisoning 9 yrs ago with enlarged red blood cells, nausea, and nervous system symptoms - i.e.- shaking, brain confusion and hallucinations, and body weakness. Previously I was always size small and active through age 43. Several yrs after poisoning was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had a 50 lb weight gain. Now I am still physically active and take thyroid medicine and am obese. Any correlation or suggestions?


Santa Fe County New Mexico over 7 years ago

Quaking Aspen - Powdery Mildew

I live in Santa Fe, NM and have a small grove of 35-40' in height aspens in my yard that contracted powdery mildew that I have not noticed in the past. I have read your previous questions & answers on your site, but they do not answer all my questions, therefore, I appreciate your assistance. I have been advised by a local nursery and a "pro tree sprayer" that there is nothing I can do about the problem at this time, but want to double-check with you.
-Is it a good idea to spray with a fungicide at the present time to arrest the disease?
-Or do you suggest to spray with a fungicide or a combo insect/fungicide/miticide product in the Fall when the leaves drop?
-Also, do I spray in the Spring with the "combo" after the buds are forming since the trees also have a touch of eriophyid mites as well black spot? (horticultural oil as well as a fungicide were sprayed this last Spring).
-I would prefer to use a product that is "friendly" to my pets and the environment, so a recommendation would be appreciated.
I am fastidious in raking and disposing of the leaves in the Fall and in keeping the surrounding area "clean."
Thanks again for reading my long drawn-out questions and for your site for the public.


Santa Fe County New Mexico about 4 years ago

Catalpa leaves cupping

Hi, I have a 10 yr old catalpa whose leaves are cupping and some look brittle and torn. Last year I thought the broken bits were from hail. Now I am realizing the crown seams sparse and there has been no hail. No new growth for a couple of seasons. I can't see any evidence of insects.


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Santa Fe County New Mexico 4 months ago

What type of baby spiders are these?

Good morning- Very curious about the type of spiders we found hatching under a table on our portal. Photos attached. Thanks so much! Katy Santa Fe, NM

addition of info: they look to be uniformly orange; I can't see any markings. Adding a photo, sorry my camera not better.


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Santa Fe County New Mexico about 4 years ago

High altitude storage of homemade breat

Hi, I live in Santa Fe, NM (7000 Ft. elevation) and I make homemade bread using a bread machine. I have only lived here a year after moving here from Los Angeles. I started storing my bread in a wooden bread box, that has some ventilation due to cracks in the side of the door. I put my bread box in a cabinet above my countertop. My bread seems to be drying out very quickly. Is there a particular way I should be storing my bread in the bread box? Should my bread box have no ventilation as to keep moisture in due to living at high altitude and is putting it in a cabinet making it worse? If it were more of a moist bread to begin with would that be of benefit? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.


Santa Fe County New Mexico almost 4 years ago

sick aspen

Can you tell me what is the problem with my aspen tree? It is a young tree growing in mostly shade at 7000 feet elevation. Thank you very much!!



Santa Fe County New Mexico about 3 years ago

Browning at the top of piñon

The needles are dying on the tops of selected branches of 2 of our many piñon trees. I have had different diagnoses which don’t seem to fit. Piñon decline seems to best the description of what’s happening. We have had good moisture this winter in Santa Fe and I am resuming watering, but I can’t stop the progression of browning branches.


Santa Fe County New Mexico over 1 year ago

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