San Miguel County, New Mexico

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Bindweed herbicide

Hi I am looking for a herbicide for bindweed the problem is the county here is not allowing two of our best products (Weedmaster, Quinstar). our county is San Miguel NM. Thank You Sean Habgood


San Miguel County New Mexico over 3 years ago

Phippidus regius? In New Mexico?

Hello, This looks like Phippidus regius. The range references I've seen haven't named New Mexico. I'm at about 6,000 ft north-central NM. Is it known here? Thank you.


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San Miguel County New Mexico over 1 year ago

Alfalfa Fertilizer

Is phosphate a good fertilizer for alfalfa?


San Miguel County New Mexico almost 7 years ago

aspen canker management

My 20 foot Aspen has black runny areas around the trunk but not girdling yet. Any suggestions for keeping tree alive as long as possible? Would a drench of weak sodium bicarb help? I'm in N.Mex at about 8K feet.


San Miguel County New Mexico over 7 years ago

How can I get rid of woodpeckers

I have a brand new home in Rociada, New Mexico. The woodpeckers have taken a liking to the deck. How can I get rid of them? They are ruining my home. I have ordered a woodpecker deterrent device but they say you need about 2 to 6 of the devices to get results. Is there anything natural and safe to remove them from my home?


Cathy Diaz


San Miguel County New Mexico about 1 year ago

adding irrigation and perennials to an active cacti-yucca garden

I sincerely hope this message gets to a responsible, knowledgeable person with a thorough understanding of work ethics.
We have taken MG courses in Seattle and Santa Fe, have retired near Las Vegas, N.M. at 6,500 ft. and have a greenhouse, raised beds, asparagus patch, cacti garden and fruit trees. In nine years our cactus garden has become established and we will be adding irrigation and perennial and annual beds to it for more color. We are seeking knowledge as to the hardiest, showiest blossoms for this garden. I was told by a person whose knowledge I value highly that the cold winds off the Rockies here require hardier plants than the area surrounding Santa Fe which is south of us. Therefore I am turning to you. I can supply images and schematic drawings of our plans for this garden, but at our age, want to plant the best plants for this high area, that will now be receiving drip irrigated moisture from our 12,000 gallons worth of water storage.
I thank you in advance for your help in this matter. Linda and I will be coming To Denver for the Monet exhibit and could consult with willing experts at that time.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Gene Solyntjes C./L.O., C. Ped. (ret.)


San Miguel County New Mexico 11 months ago

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