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bluegrass for new mexico

I live in Chama, NM 87520, elevation 7600',. I would like to plant a blend of drought tolerant, cold hardy bluegrass. Do you have any recommendations? Could please include dealers(including online) where I might purchase seed?


Rio Arriba County NM about 2 years ago

Canning applesauce - headspace question

Hello. I water bath canned an apple-blueberry-cinnamon sauce (cooked apples and blueberries in very little water till soft, ran through food mill with cinnamon powder). I left a half inch headspace on each jar. After the processing time of 25 minutes for my altitude, I noticed some jars had leaked sauce (yet matter how hard I pull I cannot remove the lid without a bottle opener) and only one showed any space (only 1/4"). Do I need to reprocess if this happens with my next batch? I will refrigerate these and give away to eat within a week. I opened a jar this morning, 32 hours after processing, and there was a funnel shaped hole in the middle. Looks like the sauce expanded up the sides of the jar but there is still room on the inside. So in addition to my question about reprocessing, should I add more liquid next time? Thank you.



Rio Arriba County NM about 5 years ago

curling tomato leaves that turn brown and drop

my tomatoes are beautiful...however most of the leaves on my plants are curling, have been curling, turn brown and fall off....leaving the tomatoes still ripening on the vines....i live in the mountains of new mexico, the weather drops to 50 degrees at night....the plants are in a greenhouse which i close the sides at nightfall....any help for next seasons plantings would be most welcomed. thanks. lorey


Rio Arriba County NM almost 6 years ago

What type

Have this vine any ideas



Rio Arriba County NM about 4 years ago

Globe / yellowing

Why do they turn yellow? and what can we do besides H2o ? thanks pete and Ellie


Rio Arriba County NM about 7 years ago

little white butterflies

they are. starting to appear in my greenhouse flitting around the lettuces....what do i do is a gallon of water on tomato plants a day too much water? yesterday temps went up to 90. thanks for your help. lorey


Rio Arriba County NM about 6 years ago

Plant ID

Please help me identify this plant found along the roadside near Abiquiu, New Mexico. It was a large, woody shrub, approx 5-6 feet high and wide, arching, woody branches and very fragrant when pinched. I thought it was a sage, but it smelled strongly of hay as it dried. The leaves were very thin and a sage green color. It had tiny flowers which were already dead by the time I harvested the sample in June. The way it dried was as it looked blowing in the wind. I am hoping to harvest seeds from it and plant it in my backyard. Any info you can give me will be helpful.


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Rio Arriba County NM over 4 years ago

What did I take a picture of?

Back of the end of April me and a friend were fishing next to the Rio Chama campground headed up to the Monastery of Christ in the desert. At first I thought it was dead, it looked like it's wings were damaged. As I got closer I noticed that the bottom ¾ of it's wings appeared to be crumpled(sorry no picture, left phone in the vehicle), and noticed a cocoon below it(sorry bad picture)that it must have emerged from and was letting it's wings dry. As we fished down the river for about a hour and a half, the sun was about to set so we headed back to the vehicle. We thought that the "moth" had probably flown away by now.., So I grabbed my phone and we headed back to where we first saw it. To our amazement it was still there and it's wings were fully extended. As I grabbed my phone to take a picture, it spread it's wings wide open and allowed me to take this beautiful picture! We stayed there looking at it for the next 20 minutes thinking that we would be able to see it fly away. As it was starting to get dark, we had to be on our way, so we left with the "moth" still on the branch. We didn't catch any fish that day.., but to be out in Nature and have her show us something this beautiful.., is still a great day!


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Rio Arriba County NM almost 2 years ago

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