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FICA after retirement

Will FICA tax be taken out of my income once I retire and do not have a paying job?


McKinley County New Mexico over 2 years ago

Ponderosa Half Dead? Is there hope?


We have a beautiful ponderosa in our backyard that has started to struggle in the past year. Last spring/summer (2018) there were thousands of tiny black ants crawling up and down it. Then by fall half of the tree looked dead...all needles on west side turned brown. The local nursery recommend a systemic insect drench for the ants, although they suspected the ants to be a secondary issue not the primary problem. By this spring the ants are gone but the brown needles seem to keep spreading, up and around the tree. The only change in the past several years could be the amount of water the roots are getting. We live in the high desert of NM and at our elevation, ponderosa's are scarce. Our annual rainfall has diminished and our neighbors also poured a long slab of concrete along the fence line which used to drain right to the tree. So, some questions I hope you can answer. 1. Is there hope still for this tree? 2. Should we be cutting/removing the brown, dead branches? 3. Should we apply more systemic treatment? 4. Should be watering the tree (something we have never done)...and if so, how often? Appreciate any expert advice we could get for our great tree.


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McKinley County New Mexico 12 months ago

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