Lincoln County, New Mexico

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My hens don't like layer food

I've had 12 pullets - Cinnamon Queens - for 6 weeks. They are laying on avg 10 eggs/day (9-12) but I've noticed production going down and one egg had no shell. I'm giving them layer food (Purina) from local feed store, but they don't like it and won't eat it. I also give them cooked corn and rice, shredded cabbage, kale - which they adore. What am I doing wrong? Is there another layer food I should get them? Should I just not give them any veggies at all?


Lincoln County New Mexico 4 months ago

Grass at 8500 feet

I would like to plant grass at 8500 feet. Traffic is light - a small dog and an elk or deer every so often. What do you recommend?


Lincoln County New Mexico about 4 years ago

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