Grant County, New Mexico

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Can you identify this scat

I found this scat in my yard. I live very rural in a small village by the Mimbres River



Grant County NM 9 months ago

orange flesh melons

I recently purchased a melon that was called just "orange melon" ,in a supermarket, there was just one of these mixed in with the cantaloupes and honeydews--the cantaloupes and honeydews have been SO horrible lately, being bred to ship, not to eat, crunchy and tasteless--that I thought , what he hell, it can't be any worse ! To my surprise , it was flavorful, juicy and the best melon we've gotten down here EVER ! OK--description--looked like a light to medium orange colored honeydew-- smooth skin, perfectly round, --flesh bright orange color of cantaloupe, not pale, and juicy, but not squishy overripe texture--delicious, perfect --and why don't we EVER get these instead of unripe, never to get ripe melons that stay crunchy 'til they rot ?? It tasted like a very sweet honeydew with overtones maybe of cantaloupe, though the bright orange color may have messed with my brain----anyway--WHAT WAS THIS ??? thing called "orange melon" ? I want to get MORE-- thanks for your attention---PS (our produce manager had no idea where it came from)


Grant County NM about 2 years ago

Scat identity

What animal do I have in my back yard. I live in a mountainous area in silver city NM. My back yard is fenced in but last night my small dog was going nuts. She has a small doggy door with two flaps. I inspected this morning and found two scats on the small rock wall just outside my back door. I’ve enclosed a couple of photos.


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Grant County NM 8 months ago

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