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What grass to to Grow in NM at 6500 Ft Elevation


We just moved to NM (Cimarron) were we are at about 6500 ft in elevation. Our back yard is half shade and half sun. We also have two dogs and three kids. I am looking for a grass type that will do well with the dry but also wet of monsoon season and handle foot traffic. The dust that is being brought into the house in unimaginable. Any suggestions would be great!


Colfax County NM about 1 year ago

cost effective organic soil amendments,perenial grazing seed mixes

Hello, I am a rancher on the CO/NM border(Trinidad, CO/Raton,NM). We have several hay fields(alfalfa and grass/alfalfa) under pivot irrigation that we want to seed for permanent grazing with cattle. Soil tests are within acceptable range for NPK, but the current stands are not vigorous or as productive as they should be. I am working toward a field-scope compost program, but at this point we do not have enough raw material to get under way. I have talked with a number of sea mineral/ fish emulsion/sea kelp companies.Of course, they all say that their product is the way to go, but it is expensive. I have several skeptical brothers so I have to be sure of getting good results for the investment. Please advise me on your recommendations for seed mixes (6500' elevation) and soil amendments. Let me know if you have questions(575-376-2827). Thank you!
Julia Stafford


Colfax County NM over 7 years ago

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