Cibola County, New Mexico

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Hawthorn trees died this winter

Both my Russian and Winter King Hawthorn trees seem to have died over this winter. They are both about 8 years old and except for occasional deer damage, have done well. I water with drip irrigation. The Russian seemed less vigorous last summer than it had been, which I attributed to woodpecker damage, but I trimmed and wrapped the area and thought it had recovered. The Winter King had not suffered in that way. I am wondering what could possibly have killed them this year as my other fruit trees are doing better than usual (due to the warmer winter and spring?)


Cibola County NM over 2 years ago

Borers or Woodpecker damage

My 5 year old Manchurian apricot has white fluffy oozy stuff coming out of some of the holes in the trunk about 3 feet from the ground. I thought it was bird damage, but wonder if it is a borer since the oozing does not look like sap. If so, is there something I can do now? In February?


Cibola County NM over 3 years ago

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