Catron County, New Mexico

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New Mexico weed identification

I am curious to know what kind of weed this is growing in cattle trails in western New Mexico at 7000' altitude. It's tough - survives being stomped on by cattle daily. I admire it and wonder what it is. (photo attached) I have not found a good weed ID site online -- if there is one I would like to know the link. Thanks!

Edited to add photos, one showing how flat it and all of the plants of this kind I've seen are. The other shows it about to bloom, photo taken about two weeks after the first one. I'll keep an eye on the flower buds.


2019_04-07_mysteryplantwithquarter_lifstrandphoto_300x300%2523 2019_04-13_mysteryplant01_lifstrandphoto_300x300%2523 2019_04-13_mysteryplant02_lifstrandphoto_300x300%2523

Catron County NM over 1 year ago

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