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bouillon recipe or mix

I cannot eat wheat of soy products. Is there a recipe to prepare bouillon using
basic ingredients? I am allergic and cannot eat purchased bouillon. Thanks, Helen Flesner

Bernalillo County New Mexico over 7 years ago

swampy soil smell

I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I have a house with a sunken shower that has been leaking under the concrete slab for many years. I have broken out and removed the concrete slab around this area and removed about 4' of dirt. I have let it dry out and I cannot get rid of the smell inside the house. Is there a possibility that the smell has penetrated the walls and insulation also? I cannot sell or rent this house out until I correct the problem. I took soil samples and mold was found in the soil... Please any guidance would be appreciated.

Bernalillo County New Mexico over 1 year ago

New Mexico Privet

I would like to try to start another NM privet from another one we have. How is that done? Thanks for your help.

Bernalillo County New Mexico 5 months ago

Pinon Pine Pitch Mass Borer

I have 6 pinon pine all which have various levels of attack with pitch mass borer; one is much worse than the others. My neighbor recommended "Viper" by Martin's - it is a cypermethrin. They have used it for past 3 years with some success. My question is: 1) is this OK to use, 2) what are best times of year and 3) frequency, 4) amount of spraying.

This weekend, I tried to scrape the sap away and find a bore hole and stick a sharp object into it. Today I sprayed the trunks of the trees and branches. I live at 6500" in Albuquerque, NM.

Bernalillo County New Mexico 5 months ago

ants on lawn

I was told by my gardener that I have ants in the lawn. How do you suggest I get rid of them? I see no ant hills. I live in zip 87111- ABQ NE heights


Bernalillo County New Mexico about 6 years ago

rabbitbrush look alike?

Good Afternoon,

I am in the process of attempting to ID what looks like rabbit-brush but has larger ovate leaves not the oblong leaves that are one of the defining characteristics of the Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus. Do you have any suggestions as to what this look alike is?

Thank you,

Benina Cerno


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Bernalillo County New Mexico over 3 years ago

Knockout Rose Problem

This rose was new last year from a local nursery in Albuquerque. I have it in a large plant pot. It bloomed well last year and was in a more protected area from the wind but gets the same all-day sunshine.. It has been averaging 98 degrees for the last six weeks and windy every afternoon. This year the leaves are very small and bloomed very little in the Spring. When I planted it last year, it was fertilized with Garden's Alive Flower food but not rose food. This year I have only put bloom food half strength. The leaves have been turning brown specially after putting some coffee grounds in water on it yesterday for second time in six weeks so not too much acidity. Best if I could take a photo with my iPad and send it along for you to see. Any advice will be appreciated. It does not sound like rosette disease is the problem, but in case of aphids or mites, is there a safe but effective herbicide as not to kill beneficial insects especially bees? Thank you in advance. I found another photo earlier in the Summer that may be what was rosette disease with red stems and leaves or is new growth. Adding third photo to file.


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Bernalillo County New Mexico about 4 years ago

tribulus prevention cover crop

I have a scraped residential lot in ABQ that will not be built for several years. It is largely compacted sandy clay, has no additional water supply, but has severe tribulus terrestris infestation (amongst other less noxious weeds during their season).

What would be a good cover crop to prevent tribulus growth and can it be successfully planted now at the end of August 2014? If not, when is the best time and where do I procure seed?




Bernalillo County New Mexico about 6 years ago

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