Merrimack County, New Hampshire

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What plant is this?

Trying to find out what plant I have growing here.



Merrimack County New Hampshire over 4 years ago

Very thorny invader

Sorry that we've only got pics of the roots. This plant takes over our flower beds yearly for the past 4 summers. It has a huge, thick, interconnected root system. The stems are covered with thorns. No berries, and if it flowers I don't know. I think we have eradicated it, but it's like the Borg, and perhaps I truly have been assimilated. I have pucs of the roots if you'd like to see.


Merrimack County New Hampshire over 4 years ago

dripping calla lily

i rec'd a calla lily for mother's day. i have it indoors right now. it is dripping water @ the tip of the leaves. is it suppose to do that?


Merrimack County New Hampshire over 1 year ago

Lime in chicken water

Hi, does adding lime to chicken water help to harden the egg shells of chickens. It used to be a practice used in New Mexico. Thank you, Betty------Please don't make my e-mail available to the public.


Merrimack County New Hampshire 6 months ago

What is this plant

Found in mixed woodland hardwood and soft wood in central NH


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Merrimack County New Hampshire over 4 years ago

Percent of Maryland food grown in maryland

Hi, can you tell me how much food consumed in Maryland is grown/farmed in Maryland, by percentage? I recently moved to New Hampshire and according to them 6% of the food consumed in New Hampshire is grown in New Hampshire. I’d assume Maryland is much higher as the growing season is much longer. Please note whether or not seafood is included in the percentage. I looked around online and could not find this statistic. Thank you.


Merrimack County New Hampshire about 2 years ago

watering a vegetable garden that contains arscenic

Hi, we live in New Hampshire and have discovered our well water contains an arscenic level of .0191mg. We will be having a filtration system installed for drinking and cooking only. Will it be safe to eat the vegetables in our garden after watering it this summer with the well water?


Merrimack County New Hampshire almost 4 years ago

limp,white plant

I was given an amaryllis as a gift. When I opened the box, it had started to grow already and it was a long white stem and a few short leaves. They were all white and very limp. Can this be saved?


Merrimack County New Hampshire almost 5 years ago

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