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Smooth Brome Grass - Control

The grass is spreading out of the designated field area into yard, strawberry and flower beds. I understand Roundup will work but the area to control is extensive along the fence line, yard and garden areas. What are my options to stop it spreading and not cause any harm as animal feed?


Washington County NE over 1 year ago

Soil Testing

Hello, I read the article on soil tests. Have moved to an acreage and wish to start a garden. Land was used as a farm 20+ years ago, and an acreage with a grass lawn since. Before turning over soil for a garden, should I do a soil test for residual herbicides and fertilizers? And which lab would you recommend for such a test? Thank you. John


Washington County NE over 2 years ago

Carl Forester Grass

We planted Carl Forester Grass last spring. I recently watched a video that showed that it should be cut down in the spring before new growth started. I did not know that. Should I try to trim back the brown fronds at the bottom now, wait and cut back in the fall, or wait and cut back next spring? Thank you


Washington County NE over 1 year ago

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