Seward County, Nebraska

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Plant and Berry Identification

What kind of plant is this? Are the berries edible?



Seward County NE plant identification 5 months ago

Southeast Nebraska Western Red Cedar wind break

We have a row of western cedar trees that almost overnight became covered with orange spongy growth on the ends of the branches..Is there a spray for this condition? Will it kill the trees?


Seward County NE trees and shrubs almost 4 years ago

Death of fruit trees

I live in Seward NE and have several fruit frees--plum. nectarine, kiwi, cherry, apple, and pear.

They were all 5 to ten years old and all have died from early spring to now. Some did not even leaf out at all and some did, but gradually died branch by branch, None had any blooms or fruit. What could be wrong?


Seward County NE trees and shrubs apples fruit trees plums cherry trees over 4 years ago

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