Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska

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why do horses neigh?


Scotts Bluff County NE over 4 years ago

Solarization question

We solarized our garden this year in May and have left it on all summer. Should we take up the plastic before the winter or leave it on until spring? We live in. Gering, Ne so very similar climate to Ft. Collins. once we take up the plastic is there anything else to be done. I can't find any information about soil once you pull up the plastic. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Jan


Scotts Bluff County NE over 6 years ago

Ash tree holes

I live in Bayard Nebraska and would like to know if I can save my ash trees do you think this is a bore or something else?


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Scotts Bluff County NE about 4 years ago

Red wing maple

Our red wing maple tree is 2 years old, it is the end of August and the red wing part of the tree are drying up and no longer this what happens in the fall or is there a problem with our tree, some leaves are getting rust spot also...


Scotts Bluff County NE over 4 years ago

My two hackberry trees are loosing leaves

I have a big hackberry in my backyard and a smaller one in my front yard, about four days ago they begin to drop some leaves. They are not loosing leaves like in the fall but everyday there are a few more. Any thoughts ?


Scotts Bluff County NE over 4 years ago


We have this beautiful tree in our back yard. Recently we discovered it's got some kind of fungus and we have no idea how to treat it or if it's even salvageable. We'd sure love to try though. My kids love climbing this tree.


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Scotts Bluff County NE almost 5 years ago

Lichens on indoor stone fireplace

I just purchased a home that has lichens all over the stones on the indoor fireplace. This fireplace is about 14 feet high floor to ceiling (so large one to clean). The prior owners didn't ever clean the stones on the fireplace in over a decade, so these lichens have been growing for some time. I am curious what is the best way to clean this off (including should I first scrape all of the lichen off with a nylon bristle brush while wearing a mask of course and then using a liquid mixture to wipe down each stone) as one of my sons has a respiratory illness and I don't want anything to stay in the air to harm him. I am also wondering what is best to not only clean them off but prevent them from coming back. Finally, do you think the lichens are on the inside of the chimney (so would I need to clean that too) especially if the fireplace was used a great deal? Thank you for your help!


Scotts Bluff County NE about 2 years ago

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