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Treatment of white grubs Timeline

When is best time to annually treat for Grubs in the ground?
Early spring? Is first week in August too late?


Sarpy County Nebraska about 1 month ago

Please identify

I was wondering if someone would kindly help me identify what type of plant this is. Thank you!



Sarpy County Nebraska horticulture almost 4 years ago

damage to nearly sprouted cucumbers

My newly sprouted cucumber plants (and to some extent sunflowers) have been damaged by something. I have a fence around the garden bed so I don't believe it is rabbits. Some of the plants have leaves slightly eaten, some entire leaf is cut off, and some cut off completely. I had a similar problem last year and was only successful with growing cucumbers after several re plantings. I don't see any obvious signs of insects (ie seeing them) on or near the plants. Is it possible that the damage is coming from birds? What are your suggestions to do? (In another garden bed I have newly sprouted zucchini squash that has no visible damage.)


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Sarpy County Nebraska 3 months ago

Best Treatment for Probable Fire Blight

We have one 30ft Oriental Cleveland Pear tree. Some of it's leaves are turning black and falling. Can we save the tree? It does not seem wide-spread...yet. This is a tall tree, would an expert arborist be helpful in saving this tree?
Paul Crider


Sarpy County Nebraska fruit trees horticulture about 3 years ago

Unable to identify a spider in Bellevue Nebraska

The outside of my house has been invaded with this spider. I have found 2 in the house so far, not in basement but living areas. I cannot figure out what it is. I captured one and took the best photos possible. At the beginning of the year, there were literally hundreds, tiny ones I believe of the same type on the front cement steps, just going in and out of the concrete. I have never seen this before either. I am in Bellevue Nebraska. I have waited for over 48 hours, I am guessing this is a wolf spider, but I have looked at every wolf spider picture and cannot find one just like it. I cant wait to find out what it is. Thanks


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Sarpy County Nebraska about 1 month ago

How to get rid of Japanese beetles

I have beetles eating the leaves on my English oak, river birch and bushes. How do I get rid of them and if they devour all of the leaves will my trees die? Help!


Sarpy County Nebraska japanese beetles about 2 years ago

Tomatoes, Winter Squash

Hello! I'm looking for 5-6 different types of indeterminate tomato plants to grow in my garden this year. Can you recommend any specifics that have good disease resistance and produce red, large tomatoes? Also, can you give a recommendation for a good, hearty, disease resistant spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and zucchini squash? Thank you so much! Tyler Smith


Sarpy County Nebraska vegetable gardening 7 months ago

Plant in my yard

This plant is growing in two clumps on either side of my driveway, one side is in more shade and is much shorter 2feet maybe? While the other is in a sunny spot and is probably 4 or 5 feet tall.


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Sarpy County Nebraska plant identification wildflowers and native plants almost 3 years ago

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