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Preserving foods for a science fair project

What do you think is the best way to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for the longest amount of time? If you were to make a container to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, what materials would you use? Also, when dealing with organic and inorganic strawberries in particular, what is the best way to keep them fresh?


Otoe County NE over 4 years ago


How long will fresh eggs keep? Unwashed? Room temperature? Refrigerated?


Otoe County NE over 4 years ago

Reddish brown pond water

We live just north of palmyra on an acreage. We dug a pond about 10 years ago while leveling out an area for an out building. It is only fed by runoff from our land. The depth varies throughout the year from probably 6-9 feet at its deepest to 2-3 feet when the weather is dry. For the first time ever the water has turned a distinct brownish-red color (iron color?) since a recent rain. I think it might be some algae of some kind. It is less in the morning, but the color increases as the day warms up. There are no fish in it, just many frogs and dragon flies. There seem to possibly be fewer frogs since this started about a week ago and I've only seen larger frogs. Wondering what this is and what, if anything should/can we do about it? Thanks for any help!


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Otoe County NE about 3 years ago

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