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How soon can I plant pasture after a round application

I have 9 acres of mostly weeds and I want to plant pasture (Sho-Horse). I found a guy to wind row and bale my weeds and haul them off. According to my research glyphosate CAN be applied to stems after mowing if it is done right away. I want to move quickly so I have as much time as possible to start pasture growth. You get a lot of opinions about how this can be done. Some say you have to wait for growth befoire putting roundup down but I'm going with the stem spray idea. Now I am getting different opinions about how soon I can drill plant the pasture seed after I spray the roundup. Apparently Scotts says that you can plant flowers in a day, but regular grass after three days. I had one guy tell me I can plant pasture a day later--others say I have to wait a week. Anyone have an educated opinion on this?


Madison County NE over 3 years ago

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