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Please identify this plant

I saw it over the last weekend located in Sunken Gardens in Lincoln.
Beautiful dark burgundy foliage, and these gorgeous yellow blooms. Blooms are about 2.5 inches across.
Help! I am in love with them!
Kay Dee Ramirez
Grand Island NE



Hall County NE plant identification horticulture wildflowers and native plants over 3 years ago

Blue Spruce has two leaders

Our blue spruce tree is 19 years old and stands 20 feet high. It is perfectly shaped for a blue; a beautiful tree. This year it has developed a second leader on the top. The main leader is dead-center but the other is off to the side of the main leader. The second leader seems to be growing faster than the main leader. Both leaders are about 10 inches tall. How do we correct this situation without hurting the tree? We appreciate any help you could give us. Thank you,

Steve and Barbara Snook

Grand Island, Nebraska


Blue_spruce_dsc_2401_300x300%2523 Blue_spruce_two_leaders_dsc_2400_300x300%2523

Hall County NE trees and shrubs horticulture over 3 years ago

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