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Wild Honey Bee Swarms.

Hello, I am a local beekeeper in need of wild honey bee swarms this Spring to replace severe winter losses of most of my beehives. I am primarily interested in capturing Large basketball size swarms that gather cling in a large suspended mass on tree limbs or clustered on exterior surfaces. I do not do and removals from interior buildings or hollow tree cavities. If you should receive any calls in this regard, I would be most grateful if you would refer the calls to me. Thank you. Contact #'s. 1-402-551-0154. Home. 1-402-657-3652. CELL. 1-402-289-7972. Cell. All 24/7. Best regards, Roy Rayner

Douglas County NE almost 7 years ago

Dead bugs behind toilet

I recently noticed today that there were tons of dead bugs behind my toilet also some in my toilet bowl and I think one fell out of my bathroom sink when I turned the water on. Please help I hate bugs :(

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Douglas County NE 9 months ago

Blueberry bush leaves

This year my blueberry bushes did not leaf out fully. They are green, but did not fully develop. I have always mulched with pine needles and oak leaves to give soil an acid ph. Would this be the problem? We have clay soil.


Douglas County NE over 4 years ago

Oma-Grow is no more?

My neighbor told me that since the composting program in the Omaha area has been discontinued, there is no more Oma-Grow. Is this correct? If so, are there other local producers of compost you could recommend?

We have a small compost pile in our yard, but I need much more for raised beds.


Douglas County NE almost 3 years ago

Man Eating Plant!

Please help us identify this weed and remove it for good! We have removed it as a vine as long as 40 feet. It grows straight up until it finds something to attach itself to. The vine has thousands of stickers and thorns. We have been fighting this weed for 3 years as it "pops up" elsewhere after cutting it low to the ground and dousing with brush killer.


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Douglas County NE over 1 year ago

Fertilizing columnar pines and yews

Should I fertilized my columnar pines and yews in the spring and fall and what fertilizer do you recommend?


Douglas County NE over 5 years ago

Why are my squash all different

In the fall of 2013, at our local pumpkin patch, I bought a small gourd/squash. It was mostly white with green stripes and about 4 inches in diameter. We left it out all winter and it got knocked off of the porch railing into the grass. It was mush by spring so we just left it. It sprouted and we got quite a few small gourds/ squash from it looking mostly like the original . We did it again last year as well. For some reason this year everything looks different. Some look like pumpkins, some are two tone, some are long and yellow. Can anyone explain why if they all came from the same ancestor why they are so different


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Douglas County NE over 4 years ago

Suggest a PEACH

I would like to plant a small peach tree in Council Bluffs. Not a small peach but a small tree. I want it to be clingfree and fairly disease resistant. Can you suggest a variety of tree to plant?


Douglas County IA over 5 years ago

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