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Linden tree dropping leaves

We had a severe storm about 2-3 weeks ago. Winds were clocked at 96 MPH. Many residents lost trees and/or limbs. Our Linden tree (approximately 20+ years old) is starting to lose its leaves well ahead of other trees in this area. I was wondering if the tree may be in a sort of shock and if there is anything we should be doing to help it through the winter. We don't notice any unusual signs of blight, etc., but the tree did lose one medium sized limb during the storm. We are grateful we kept it, as the entire tree was bent at an extraordinary angle during the storm.


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Dodge County NE over 4 years ago

Lawn Weed

We put down a pre emergent on our lawn, and for the 2nd year in a row there is a weed growing in our yard which looks like crabgrass. Do you know what weed this would be? We have a lot of it. Thank - you


Dodge County NE almost 5 years ago

Chemical take back programs in Dodge County, NE

I am cleaning out my parents home and they have several boxes of lawn chemicals and paint products. Douglas County has a chemical take back program, but they can't take material from Dodge County. Do you have such a program for Fremont, or can you recommend a place to take these materials? Thanks
Sherryl Shannon


Dodge County NE over 5 years ago

I saw an adult vine bore moth on my squash and zucchini are there any organic...

I saw an adult vine bore moth on my squash and zucchini are there any organic treatments to kill these pests. Thanks,


Dodge County NE over 6 years ago

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