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LED lights in stalls

Is there information on using LED lighting vs. florescent or incandescent in horse stables and stalls for shedding or "coat control" in winter. What light fraction stimulates the pineal gland?


Dawson County NE over 7 years ago

Badger control

How can we get rid of a badger in our CRP acreage?


Dawson County NE over 4 years ago

dead branches on linden tree

we have a redmond linden and it is about 14 yrs old and until the last five years was beautiful..Now it has dead branches all the time and getting worse with each year..We fertilized heavey last year and it begin to produce new growth but that soon died out also..We hate to lose it (it was planted in honor of our deceased parent).Any advice would be appreciated..Thank you


Dawson County NE about 7 years ago

redmond linden tree, dead branches

for the last several years, we lose small brances . it has esculated until many of the small brances have died. we tried 2 years ago by fertilizing rings around tree, that helped for the time being. this year it is the worse. m what is wrong??


Redmond_linden_pictures_001_300x300%2523 Redmond_linden_pictures_002_300x300%2523 Redmond_linden_pictures_003_300x300%2523

Dawson County NE about 7 years ago

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