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4 years ago I used Tordon on a few stumps in my yard. Having some left I decided to apply on a 100 year old flowering bush that had taken over the side of my house. The bush and it's roots were killed. 2 years ago I replanted that spot and all died within 2 weeks. Last year I had the same results. This year I planted a few inexpensive flowers to test the spot, while they did not die as quickly, the flowers were gone in less that a month. My question is, how long will the ground be contaminated with this chemical?


Clay County NE almost 5 years ago

growing dinner plate diahilas

I planted dinner plate dahlias this year and they were beautiful. However even tho I put trelli's around the them they were so heavy that the branches just kept breaking. Was wondering if a person could cut them shorter as they grow so they are not so tall and heavy? Thank you for your time.


Clay County NE almost 4 years ago

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