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Is it possible that if a 12mth old bull has no semen, he could be just not mature yet?

We have a 12mth old bull that we had semen checked two weeks ago. At that time the vet discovered an abrasion on the side of the bulls penis, and the small amount of semen that he checked seemed fine. We waited until today and took him back to see if the abrasion had healed, and it had healed. But the vet could only get a watery fluid with little or no semen. The bulls' scrotum only measured 31 inches. Is it possible that this bull has just not matured enough yet?


Cass County NE almost 7 years ago

Bovatec and beef cows

Is Bovatec labeled for feeding to beef cows prior to and after calving?


Cass County NE almost 8 years ago

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