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Linden tree won't grow

We had a landscape place plant this tree for us 3 years ago it won't grow small branches die getting a few new leaves n but not many and by the end of July they have yellowed and fell off


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Buffalo County NE over 4 years ago

powdery mildew on honeysuckle vine.

What is the best treatment?


Buffalo County NE over 5 years ago

Help my Liberty Elms, please!

I have several lovely ‘adolescent’ elm trees (not Chinese elms!) planted along my driveway (they are between 7 and 8 years old), and nearly all of them along one side have this nasty cracking, bark lifting and peeling, and most have black tar-like patches. The leaves and tops look fine, though. There had been earlier deer damage, but that happened to the trees on both sides of the driveway, unlike the current issue. Can they be saved? I took pictures of a few of them. Thank you SO much!


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Buffalo County NE over 5 years ago

burying beetle from Nebraska

I found a burying beetle in my kitchen today. Orange and black and its offspring are all over it. What would be a good thing to do with it? I sure don't want to kill it. Is this one somewhat rare? I know that the one with orange antenna is. Maybe the university here in Kearney, Nebraska, would be interested in it.


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Buffalo County NE over 5 years ago

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