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tax assistance

How does one find an tax expert who understands farm corporations and estate planning for stock holders? Some of the questions we have are buried deep in tax code and interpretation of that code. We would like to know options available for succession or sale of farm. Farm is located in Indiana.
Your response would be so appreciated. If we have further questions, could you include contact information?


Yellowstone County MT almost 4 years ago

I heard that pointsettia plants are not allowed in hospitals because they...

I heard that pointsettia plants are not allowed in hospitals because they have chemicals similar to those in latex. Is that true? I work in a nursing home and want to make sure our residents are safe. Thank you.


Yellowstone County MT over 5 years ago

What is it?

This plant just sprung up in a planter that I was given one year we let it grow to see what it was. My neighbor says it's a weed and we should just let it die. I was wondering if it was a "spider plant? " it does well in full sunlight and seems to be drought resistant.
I would really like to put a name to this plant so what is it?


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Yellowstone County MT over 4 years ago

What kind of perennial is this

Trying to figure out what this species of perennial is



Yellowstone County MT almost 4 years ago

Septic Tank Enzimes

I was told that my tank is dead, that there are no active enzymes left in the tank. The house has been empty for about 2 years till I moved in. I had a backup thus the tank was pumped. Is there an enzyme that I can use to bring the tank back to life again and if so what is it and what stores sell it? Thank you.


Yellowstone County MT about 1 year ago

Baling Twine Recycling Program

Can you help us find a storage site for used and unwanted baling twine in the greater Billings Montana vicinity? There is a good deal of local interest from farm and ranch families and a great need to recycling twine.

Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society is in the process of establishing a twine recycling program. Our biggest challenge is finding a site in the greater Billings MT vicinity to store collected twine. A full semi-load of twine must be collected before the recycling company will send a truck to retrieve it for recycling. For details, please see the YVAS Project Scope of Work that has been attached as two separate files.

YVAS has contacted many businesses including recycling companies and property owners but so far an adequate site for collection has not been found.

Do you have any suggestions or know of people that can help? YVAS is a registered nonprofit organization and can provide a tax-deductible receipt for an in-kind donation for the use of the collection site.


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Yellowstone County MT over 3 years ago


Do they do a wool clip for wool breed sheep at fair or before fair ? Our club is all meat breed so trying to get info on our wool breed can be difficult sometimes


Yellowstone County MT almost 7 years ago

lydia broom

wondering if this plant is Deer resistant?


Yellowstone County MT almost 4 years ago

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