Silver Bow County, Montana

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Possibly a large house spider?

I've found a few of these running around, mostly at night. I want to make sure they are not dangerous.


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Silver Bow County Montana 9 months ago


Is it okay to eat the beets if they are infected with the fungus that affects the leaves and turns them brown? The beets look fine!


Silver Bow County Montana almost 2 years ago

hand felting wool into a saddle blanket

hi, Lisa!
I have a client on NCAT's ATTRA Help line that wants to make a saddle blanket out of felted wool, beginning with a greased fleece, by hand. Do you have any suggestions as to the washing,and carding?Can you direct me to any resources? Thank you very much.

We will be shearing in two weeks. i am looking forward to it.
Yours, Dave


Silver Bow County Montana over 5 years ago

Petunas yearly

Can you grow petunas yearly by moving indoors in the fall


Silver Bow County Montana almost 4 years ago

Septic drainfield cover issue.

What would be good non-invasive perennials to use for septic drain field cover? The location is a large plot with native grasses so I don't want a strip of lawn in the middle of it.


Silver Bow County Montana about 1 month ago

logarithmic equation

What is the solution for X in an equation:

X - b * log X = A

Where "b" and "A" are known constants



Silver Bow County Montana almost 5 years ago

Slaughterhouse Hot water use

How much hot water does a small scale (14,000 birds per year) poultry processing slaughterhouse use on a per bird or per pound of product basis?


Silver Bow County Montana over 4 years ago

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