Sanders County, Montana

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New limb growth

We have a 100 plus year old Black Walnut tree that really needs to trimed. Will we get new limb growth? The lower limbs are starting to snap and break off! Help!


Sanders County MT about 1 year ago

Populus tremuloides quaking aspen

Dear Expert,
We planted several quaking aspen too close to our buildings many years ago, so we have cut them down this last spring. The problem being the roots are still sending out shoots and we don't know how to rid the lawn of them, even though we had the stumps ground out.
We would be very appreciative if you could advise as to how we can handle this problem.
Best regards,
Mary Lou Johnson


Sanders County MT over 2 years ago

We planted 25 Marquette vines by our home in 2010 and then 75 more last year....

We planted 25 Marquette vines by our home in 2010 and then 75 more last year. We had a small harvest last year and a better one this year. In both years we see a few mummified grapes in the ripe clusters. We checked with the local extension and it was referred to Montana State University and two other states and they are puzzled. They said it doesn't appear to be black rot. Since the grapes came from Minnesota, Winterhaven Nursery, we'd like to ask you if you have any ideas. I've attached an image from last year below. Thank you Tom Eggensperger



Sanders County MT over 7 years ago

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