Rosebud County, Montana

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Pocket Gopher Repellant

I have cold climate grape vineyard in Southeastern Montana. I get many pocket gopher mounds/ I have trapped & used sulphur smoke bombs. Both seem to work to some extent. I would prefer a non-lethal method of control. I am considering placing moth balls in the tunnels, hoping to drive them out of the vineyard. They are welcome to the rest of the 40 acres. It worked on the voles. Is this reasonable plan?


Rosebud County MT 4 months ago

cottonwood tree florlt

Will florelt stop the production of cotton on female trees ?


Rosebud County MT over 4 years ago

Did I posion anyone?

help! I canned some jalapenos from our garden, I rinsed them off, sliced them up, sanitized the lids and jars of course, put the slices in the jar with 1 small clove of garlic and 1 red chili pepper. then I poured vinegar in 2/3 full then 1/3 purified water and some pickling salt. then i secured the lids then boiled in canning pot for 15 minutes, and then took them out and let them be on the counter til all the lids popped. what did I do wrong? Im worried about botulism...or did I do it correctly?


Rosebud County MT over 5 years ago

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