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Discrepancy of fewer wells/pad

Your consideration of a reality of far fewer wells/pad (>3) compared to optimistic potential of 4-10 seems weak, or incomplete. Deeper consideration and research as to why it is this way is recommended. I was opposed to fracking and refused to invest in it. With respect to "Octopus" technology, isn't underground shale porosity collapse and water reservoir contamination as much an issue with this technology as with fracking? The proliferation of surface pads as an issue would seem to pale by comparison.


Richland County MT about 7 years ago

my asparagus grows in a vertical spiral. what could be causing this? I just...

my asparagus grows in a vertical spiral. what could be causing this? I just cut it all down but can send you a picture when it gets longer if you would like.


Richland County MT almost 6 years ago

sterilizing crabapple tree

The tree is beautiful---large and well established. and a great shade tree for my deck --but what a horrible mess right above my sidewalk and front door when the apples fall. i I can't keep them picked up--tons of little apples. The splattered apples and flys that it draws is terrible. What can I do? Gee I hate to tear the tree out--Its beautiful--my folks planted it years ago. Do the tree roots run way deep ? I ask that because I think the water line into the house is probably pretty close --If I need to get it pulled out I don't want to cause another issue with that too. If I just cut it down I am guessing all the little suckers would keep coming up? Wish there was a simple answer? Thanks Mary


Richland County MT about 1 month ago

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