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Little black spiders

We have an infestation of little black spiders in our yard and garden. They are in the lawn and the wood chip paths. When we walk, they scatter in every direction, sometimes across my feet and legs. When I'm trying to work in the garden, they are running all over the place, startling me and frankly, grossing me out. I don't mind garden spiders that make webs and eat bad bugs. But these little black spiders that dash around the ground in the hundreds really bother me. I would like to get rid of them, preferably in a way that is safe for my garden food and for my kids and dog. Ideas or suggestions? We have plenty of other spiders too, including what I'm pretty sure are some huge Hobo spiders in the late Summer and Fall. We've found black widows. I don't have it out for all spiders, but with so many and some that are clearly not doing my garden any good, I would like to know how to control the population. Thank you! P.S. I had an infestation like this several years ago at another house. When I tried to mow, the spiders would run out of the lawn onto the patio in batches of hundreds. I went on a killing spree once with some spray poison and killed about 300, just on my small patio. They are prolific!
Lane county Oregon

I have the same question as above. We have 8 acres and the little black spiders scatter on all 8 acres. We also assumed it was a hatch- but it’s been two months, and the number is about the same. Tiny little spiders that scatter.


Ravalli County Montana about 1 month ago

Mycorrhizal association with Poa pratensis cultivars

I understand the species Poa pratensis is considered having a strong ability to form mycorrhizal association. Have the many developed cultivars, used in residential settings, retained that ability?


Ravalli County Montana about 2 years ago

Polinators for coral champgain cherry

Hello,, Just wondering if my lapkin cherry trees will be able to polinate my coral champgain cherry trees? I also have two pie cherry trees i cant remember the name of them..lol. . Cherry clusters yellow red,,turn bright red.. Thanks Joe These pie cherries are doing great up here...not to sweet....think they could be rainer cherry?


Ravalli County Montana about 1 month ago

Donkey diet

can donkeys eat alfalfa?


Ravalli County Montana almost 5 years ago

Vinegar as weed control?

I keep hearing that vinegar works safely and effectively for killing weeds. The first time, it was recommended to dilute it: one cup white vinegar to one gallon water. The weeds thanked me for the extra hydration. The second time I saw it recommended, the dilution was one cup vinegar to one quart water. Again, the weeds flourished. The third time: one cup vinegar to one cup water, 50-50. No better success. The last time, I simply put straight vinegar on the weeds, with no better luck. Any comments?


Ravalli County Montana about 1 year ago

Aspen fungus

We have an Aspen tree with a fungus and also with a tiny larvae on some of the leaves. Is there something we can soak into the root system to stop this. I just noticed it today and its horrible.


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Ravalli County Montana 11 months ago

Best time to plant Russian sage

When is the best time to plant Russian sage? I live in Western Montana and am considering it as a type of border in my garden. What are the odds of it surviving the winter if planted now?



Ravalli County Montana almost 7 years ago

heat treating chickpeas

I was just given 1500 lbs of chickpeas that I would like to feed to my chickens. I read that chickpeas have some anti-nutritional factors, similar to soybean, that can be removed with heat. How hot would I have to get the chickpeas, and for how long, to make them the most suitable for feed? Right now, I am feeding small batches by cooking in a crockpot. I figure if they would be alright for people, than chickens will be ok with them.


Ravalli County Montana almost 3 years ago

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