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Mycorrhizal association with Poa pratensis cultivars

I understand the species Poa pratensis is considered having a strong ability to form mycorrhizal association. Have the many developed cultivars, used in residential settings, retained that ability?


Ravalli County MT almost 2 years ago

Donkey diet

can donkeys eat alfalfa?


Ravalli County MT livestock equine donkeys over 4 years ago

Vinegar as weed control?

I keep hearing that vinegar works safely and effectively for killing weeds. The first time, it was recommended to dilute it: one cup white vinegar to one gallon water. The weeds thanked me for the extra hydration. The second time I saw it recommended, the dilution was one cup vinegar to one quart water. Again, the weeds flourished. The third time: one cup vinegar to one cup water, 50-50. No better success. The last time, I simply put straight vinegar on the weeds, with no better luck. Any comments?


Ravalli County MT herbicides 9 months ago

Aspen fungus

We have an Aspen tree with a fungus and also with a tiny larvae on some of the leaves. Is there something we can soak into the root system to stop this. I just noticed it today and its horrible.


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Ravalli County MT trees and shrubs 8 months ago

Best time to plant Russian sage

When is the best time to plant Russian sage? I live in Western Montana and am considering it as a type of border in my garden. What are the odds of it surviving the winter if planted now?



Ravalli County MT over 6 years ago

heat treating chickpeas

I was just given 1500 lbs of chickpeas that I would like to feed to my chickens. I read that chickpeas have some anti-nutritional factors, similar to soybean, that can be removed with heat. How hot would I have to get the chickpeas, and for how long, to make them the most suitable for feed? Right now, I am feeding small batches by cooking in a crockpot. I figure if they would be alright for people, than chickens will be ok with them.


Ravalli County MT poultry over 2 years ago

pharshall flume

Where do I find a table to read a parshall flume with a 4 foot throat


Ravalli County MT 5 months ago

GoldenDelicious´╗┐ & 'Flom"?

I have a replanted-from-a-nursery Golden Delicious that was diagnosed as having 'Flom' or 'Phlom' (sp?) - which they said might or might not cure itself --- emphasis on 'not'.

Three years in, and the tree has now become a spindly hat rack. This time there are no new growth buds or leaves.

Question: is the ground that it is in, now considered as poisoned or full of that disease --- whatever that disease it? I want to plant another apple tree in the same spot - do I have to wait a year, remove all the dirt (not likely a good idea) or just give up on raising any tree in that area?

There are two other apple trees in the same yard that are prospering and looking good - so far.

Is Flom/Phlom contagious or does it need actual contact with another apple tree via the dirt - assuming that only apple trees get it?

Sorry no pixs - but imagine a non-leaved, non-fruited and basically dead looking tree, er: hatrack.


Ravalli County MT almost 2 years ago

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