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Horses showing fear and aggression

I have two horses - sisters. They've always been together, but I rescued them. When my daughter and I ride them with other horses, one acts very afraid, the other will try to kick at other horses. There must have been problems before I got them. How do I get them over this?


Lincoln County MT over 6 years ago

homemade ration for turkey poults

I have some poults and would like to create an organic, homemade poult feed for my birds (they are pets). Can you help me or direct me to someone who will?


Lincoln County MT about 7 years ago

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Since living in the forest of NW Montana I have researched this little bug several times. I always find that it is deemed "harmless", "does not bite or sting". Well, I beg to differ. I am wondering how I can get an entomologist to recognize that this critter is not, in fact, the happy little bug that you think it is! Last Saturday (9-19-15) a bug fell down the back of my shirt and by the time I got it out I knew that I had been "injected". I immediately had my husband apply triamcinalone to the welts that had arisen on my back. He said that I had 4 puncture sites. Sunday afternoon, I suddenly felt incredibly fatigued and had to get horizontal immediately! I spent the rest of the evening feeling like I had the flu coming on.(I found 2 references, on the internet, from people citing these kind of symptoms, following a bug entrapment.) I started feeling nauseous and feverish. I wound up calling out the ambulance as I was really beginning to feel as though I needed to go to the ER (one hour away). By the time they arrived I had vomited and felt marginally better and elected not to go to the hospital. After they left, however, I gradually became worse - vomiting every hour on the hour for most of the night. I went to the clinic in the morning, was given a liter of IV fluid, swabbed for the flu and sent home. I became worse, spiking a temperature to almost 102, vomited once more. The flu swab was negative. I gradually improved enough to keep a little food down and drink some fluids. Today, I awoke around 0330 to find that I was completely covered in a rash from neck to toe! Please don't try to tell me that it must have been something else that caused all this - I KNOW that it was this bug! I will add that I had a gall bladder removal 8 years ago, with complications. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital for what was a 'simple', same day, surgery. Since that time I have had all kinds of problems including "over the top" reactions to ordinary little mishaps! Like a bug bite! I would greatly appreciate your input regarding this matter. I will be happy to supply you with any other information that may be helpful.



Lincoln County MT over 4 years ago

fruit trees

When I was pruning my apricot, pear, and apple trees I found ring encasements around1/8th to 1/4 inch branches. The bands are from about 3/8th inch to 1/2 inch wide - 1/16th to 1/8 inch thick and appear to be of a harden mucus. They appear to be grayish and sparkle a little in the sunshine. It is as if they have small glitter on themThey are not plentiful, but I found more than a dozen while pruning this afternoon.


Lincoln County MT about 5 years ago

Sainfoin crop

We have a field of sainfoin. We used antiquated equipment to plant it so have some areas with fewer plants. Can we use a double disk drill to plant more seeds in these areas? can we plant it this fall? Also, we would like information on no till seeding another field with sainfoin.


Lincoln County MT almost 5 years ago

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