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Feeding pea and barley hay

I'm looking at purchasing a 1/2 pea and 1/2 barley hay to my ewes. What do I need to do to feed this type of hay and what to watch out for. I've never feed this type of feed before. I have heard of Suffolk / Hampshire cross ewes.


Lewis and Clark County MT over 2 years ago

What tree is this and is it edabel

What kind of tree is this and are it's berries edible.


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Lewis and Clark County MT about 3 years ago

My green bean leaves are curling on the edges, the older original leaves, My...

My green bean leaves are curling on the edges, the older original leaves, My first thought was they got cold but it mostly is only on one side of the leaf and not all plants are affected



Lewis and Clark County MT over 4 years ago

What type and how to transplant, re-plant babies.

I inherited a cactus from my Mother last January. It seems to be doing very well with me, way to well. I'd like to re-pot the mother plant along with some of the babies and the plant the other babies. I don't even know what type of cactus this is. Can you help. This plant is very important to me as my mother was very into cactus and succulents. I was only able to take this one plant and I'd like to do right by it. Please help.


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Lewis and Clark County MT indoor gardening succulents horticulture over 5 years ago

My Cactus

Hi there! My mother got this cactus for me in Arizona, but I never learned what it was! Do you have any idea? Thanks!



Lewis and Clark County MT houseplants cactus houseplant identification plant identification about 3 years ago

Supplementing mare replacement milk

Would adding 1/4 cup of non-fat or low fat yogurt per 2 quarts of mare replacement milk help a 4 day old orphaned foal better digest the formula and help reduce the chance of him getting diarrhea?


Lewis and Clark County MT horses digestion foal over 6 years ago

Quaking aspen issues

7 out of 8 of my 6 year old Quaking Aspen are slow to leaf out. It looks like they might leaf out, but the leaves are sporadic. 7 out of 8 of them also have knobby growths on the tips of almost every branch. We called an arborist and she was stumped... ( no pun intended). She checked them for parasitic galls, but there was no parasitic larvae or exit holes. Are our trees goners?


Lewis and Clark County MT over 3 years ago

external parasites

Sheared last weekend, and one sheep has lice. It is separated from the others, and affected area was sprayed w/Durvet Screw Worm Aerosol. How do I proceed with 1) this single sheep and 2)with rest of the flock?


Lewis and Clark County MT over 6 years ago

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