Jefferson County, Montana

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Do you have a pattern for making muklucks? I see you have patterns for mittens & hats


Jefferson County Montana over 3 years ago


Ok so there is a giant wasp nest in the eve of my house, and ever since I found that there have been the biggest nests in the weirdest places. There was even one behind the mirror in my dad's old car!! I have been stung too many times in bad places. Twice on my face and one right on a vein in my wrist but there have been many more. Thank goodness I'm not allergic. Can someone please help me find the solution?


Jefferson County Montana almost 4 years ago

Need a person to spray weeds

Hoary allisum and white top plus other weeds are out of control. We have 9 acres and we would hire someone to take care of them. Do you have a list of qualified weed sprayer?


Jefferson County Montana 11 months ago


I have raspberry plants that c[me up every year in my rocks. They are beautiful but never produce anything I cut them back to get them out of my way and they are back still beautiful but no flowers or fruit


Jefferson County Montana about 9 hours ago

pasture mix for sheep

We have some wet, heavy clay, high pH high saline pastures we graze sheep on. We rotate through these pastures during the summer. We can run wheel lines, but usually the ground is moist enough it is not required. What would be a good pasture mix.


Jefferson County Montana 10 months ago

Roses for the North

Is this publication for sale? Only a couple of the links are active so I thought there might be a charge but can't see where to purchase.


Jefferson County Montana over 4 years ago

Plants near a sand filter (for a septic field)

Can you please tell me what plants/shrubs/trees should not be planted near or on a sand filter for a septic field? Conversely, are there plants which would be beneficial to plant near the sand filters of a septic field?


Jefferson County Montana over 3 years ago

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