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Ram Problem?

Bought a ram from reputable breeder, turned out 27 Dec 16, still no lambs. Ewes are fat and were sheared in April. Never had this problem before. Had sheep for last twenty years. Ewes are checked daily and no signs of abortations. Live on Brackett Creek, Gallatin County.


Gallatin County MT over 2 years ago

What to do with old wool?

I have black plastic bags full of wool that have been stored in a garage for years. Will the wool still be ok to use or sell?


Gallatin County MT sheep wool about 6 years ago

Not sure what it is, but its growing.

We have a large planter in the back yard and have put lots of things in there that never seemed to grow. Now we have this growing in around the Easter Liles. Wondering what it is.


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Gallatin County MT about 3 years ago

Mentioned on PN Blog

Hello - We’ve recently posted an article titled Last Call for Planting Fruit Trees on the Planet Natural Blog ( that links our readers to additional, informative content from the Penn State Extension. The Planet Natural Blog is a comprehensive resource for gardeners as well as those interested in natural lifestyle issues. Our goal is to produce articles that provides sound, practical, and well-documented information that will be of interest to our readers. Referencing your web page helped us do that. Please take a look. We welcome any comments you might have, and invite you to link back to our site if it would be of interest to your readers. Thanks for what you do in the interest of successful, rewarding gardening. Thank you, Eric Vinje 1251 N. Rouse Ave. Bozeman, MT 59715 (406) 551-2240


Gallatin County MT over 5 years ago


Wordering if you can help me identify this flower/weed..ha!!


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Gallatin County MT over 3 years ago

wool moths

hi, how does one care for wool products like clothes and rugs in Bozeman. Do I need to protect against moths?


Gallatin County MT over 2 years ago

Not Strawberry?

So I thought I planted strawberries and I nurtured a sprout that was actually a dandelion. I pulled that and then this new sprout came up. But this isn't looking like strawberry either :/



Gallatin County MT about 3 years ago

Where can I sell wool?

I have wool from eight Polypay ewes. Is there any place I could sell such a small amount of wool?


Gallatin County MT wool wool marketing jlk about 4 years ago

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