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I have been growing ivy for over a decade and have never encountered this...

I have been growing ivy for over a decade and have never encountered this problem. New leaves show distortion and are riddled with dry brown lesions the size of a period. They are visible from the top of the leaf and the bottom. I'm thinking this could be edema. I have seen all the common diseases. Alternaria, xanthomonas, anthrancose, Botrytis.


Flathead County MT over 6 years ago

Pruning an old shrub rose hedge

I have a prolific older shrub rose hedge that is dense with canes and is about 5.5’ tall x 4’ wide. I’d like to shear it down to about 3.5’ tall x 3’ wide with my power hedge trimmer. I will be getting into some thicker (3/4”) diameter woody canes. Do you think this is safe to do.


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Flathead County MT about 2 years ago


I remember sticking a seed in this pot a few months ago, never expecting it would become a plant. Don't remember what it is, at all. Help?



Flathead County MT about 4 years ago

Is My Aspen Sick?

I purchased an aspen tree about 15 years ago. Since then it has done very well, quadrupling in size. As it matured it always produced a some catkins followed by a full compliment of leaves. About three or four years ago it was covered in catkins, the most I'd ever seen it produce. That year the leaves that followed were smaller in size. Each year since then it seems to produce fewer and smaller leaves and they are very late coming in. Right now it has very small buds while the other aspens in my yard, including some suckers from this tree, have well formed leaves bursting out. Is this normal or do I have a problem with this tree. I'd hate to lose it.


Flathead County MT 21 days ago

Double trunk birch

My birch tree had to have one trunk removed, what should I seal the trunk with to keep ants out


Flathead County MT 9 months ago

Green glowing spots on trees

Same scenario & pictures that the people in Oregon said were manmade. Green glowing spots in the trees that seemingly move.


Flathead County MT over 4 years ago

Crab apple toxicity for horses

We have two close to the barn. They are fruitless but I have one guy who seems to like sampling anything he can. Should I yank it?
Thank you!


Flathead County MT almost 3 years ago

Hybrid poplar infestation

Hybrid poplar has red balls near new growth stems. Are these possibly insect eggs or maybe a fungus? They are about 1/2 across. I can't find a. Picture of scale which matches but assume this is possible. We have sprayed a couple times and picked off as much as possible but not a solution apparently.


Flathead County MT almost 7 years ago

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