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Bird mite infestation

I have been suffering from bird mites for three years (unknowingly). I went to doctor after doctor and they just shook their heads and said they didn't know what was causing my lesions and bites. Recently I caught several bird mites in my bed and had Orkin come, confirm the problem, sprayed and now they are coming out of the woodwork (figuratively--or not) but also, out of me. I have been finding egg-looking gel in my nose, under my skin and am getting bit more ruthlessly than before. Will they just die off in time or do I need to get a medication, salve or soap to get them off and out of my body? Please help.


Custer County MT over 6 years ago

alcohol internal combustion

I am working on a project where there would be a need for an alcohol burning internal combustion engine , for example I think a weedeater type engine would suffice. It would have to be extremely durable and would see extended use in 3rd or 4th world scenerios or whatever you call them. The exhaust would be used for pressure as that would be much simpler than an attached air compressor. Emissions are important but with alcohol I believe they would be few enough to be workable.This engine would have to be extremely durable and would have to have all maintenance parts easily replaceable by people with absolutely no mechanical skills or knowledge. I do not know if it is possible but is what I need is an engine that is small that never breaks that runs on alcohol that can be made in any environment and I need it to be able to be able to run under variable exhaust back pressure , increasing load without failing. No backpressure load to increasing load , exhaust as an air compressor without failing. There could be a pressure cut off/out as pressure will not have to be high. This engine would be used to produce volume and then pressure. Compare it to blowing up an empty balloon and then expanding it and maintaining pressure while there is a small bleedoff on the balloon somewhat near the engine`s exhaust/compression capacity. Once again , ideally , this engine would run off of alcohol or fuel produced locally. This is an intregal part of an ambitious project that may make a very good college project. I am also considering using the heat and cool of the day as an added source of pressure but that would just add to the complexity of something that needs entire simplicity. Yes , I have considered a hand pump , which would work but be labor and wear intensive hence my seeking a motorized alternative.


Custer County MT almost 7 years ago

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